Author Mushtaq A. Bhat
Publish April - September 2005
Title Correlates of Service Quality in Banks: An Empirical Investigation
Abstract In search of competitive advantage, business organizations are placing more focus on service quality. Research has shown that high service quality contributes significantly to profitability and productivity. In addition, knowledge of the costs and benefits of retaining consumers relative to attracting new ones draws company’s foremost attention to looking after present customers, responding to their needs and problems and developing long term relationships. Interest in the measurement of service quality is, thus, understandably high. An attempt has been made in the present paper to study service quality in banks and its variation across demographic variables. The study offers suggestions to make overall service quality in banks more effective and efficient. The results of the study lead us to the conclusion that service quality of foreign banks is comparatively much better than that of Indian banks and there are service quality variations across demographic variables.
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