Author T.D.Babu, G.Jayabal
Publish April - September 2005
Title An Analytical study of the Teaching Methods at affiliated B – Schools in Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Abstract In the present era a lot of focus is on wider accessibility of higher education in management and a need continuing relevance of courses and quality assurance. The world of business is changing very fast. From a predominance of owner – management enterprises, we are witnessing a steady shift towards a professional management. This has resulted in the demand for management graduates with analytical, interactive, interpersonal, conceptual and managerial skills. But today’s management education in the country is increasingly criticized. B – Schools need to re-examine the role they are performing. At present there is a need to develop indices of quality in management education. There is a need to study the teaching methods followed and required to give the quality output. For this purpose this study is conducted based on the survey of teaching methods practiced at affiliated B – Schools in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
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