Author Krishna Chaitanya.V
Publish April - September 2005
Title Metamorphosis of Marketing Financial Services in India
Abstract The Financial Service industry in India has grown tremendously particularly after eighties. Number of new services and products like credit cards, ATMs, consumer finance, mutual funds, dematerialization, factoring, securitization, credit rating, leasing, investment banking, forfeiting, have become a norm since then. The driving forces behind this development are liberalization, economic reforms and deregulations, economic changes and rapid developments in capital markets. All these factors provided a greater freedom to private sector to become more competitive, productive, effective and efficient. The customers have become more demanding and prefer innovative products and quality services at faster speed from the companies. This has made the job of financial service company much tougher and challenging, as they need to understand the customers changing needs, offer new products and services and most importantly they have to promote these. Therefore in the present day context it has become even more important to learn the application of marketing theories of product, providing service quality, distribution and planning for a customer oriented marketing strategy.
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